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Product Notes:

New 32 Series Size, 11/2017

Male J.I.C. (37) X Female Pipe (N.P.T.F.) -  Page 15a
Male J.I.C. (37) X Female J.I.C. (37) -  Page 15b
Male Pipe (N.P.T.F.) X Male J.I.C. (37°)  - Page 18a
Male J.I.C. (37°) X Male J.I.C. (37°) -  Page 18b
90 Male J.I.C. (37) X Female Pipe (N.P.T.F.) -  Page 25b

Product Note: 90° 24 Series, 1/2016
We have modified the design on many of our 90° swivels in the 24 Series. This improved design changes the DIM B size, reduces the O.A.L. (Over All Length) by approximately 5/8ths of an inch and also reduces the weight of the swivel. The related pages have been updated on our website and downloadable PDF pages and catalog.

Below is the list of swivels affected by this design change.

Part Number O.A.L. DIM B Page

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