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Swivel Seal Rebuilding Instructional Videos

Seal rebuild kits are a big cost savings value over replacing functional swivels that have worn seals.


Below are links to instructional videos on how to replace worn seals on Super Swivels.


> Click on the links below for the type of swivel/seal you intend to replace.

Super Swivels As Seen On You Tube
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Aflas Seal Rebuild Demo
> Onsite streaming video:
Standard Aflas Rebuild Demo

> Onsite streaming video:
Double Ball Rebuild Demo

< Note: These You Tube videos are in High Definition and you can view them larger by clicking the "720p or 1080p" at the Up Arrow towards the bottom right of the video play bar. You can also view Full Screen by clicking the Four Arrows all the way to the bottom right.
(< click image to view)

< Onsite: These videos can be viewed on our site.

Pressure Balanced Rebuild Demo
> Onsite streaming video:
Pressure Balanced Demo

Standard Viton Rebuild Demo> Onsite streaming video:
Standard Viton Rebuild Demo

Are you blocked from You Tube? Do you have slow Internet?
You can view the videos smaller on our web site:
> Onsite Video Viewing

Seal Rebuilding Kits are available for most Super Swivels;
Please call for a specific item.

To simplify replacement of worn seals we offer these tools:

Seal Resizing Ring
Seal Installation Cone

> Click to download and
view a PDF of the
Seal Rebuilding Kit Tools
  > Click to download and view a
PDF of the
Seal Rebuilding Kit Instructions



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