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Swivel Seal Rebuilding Kits and Tools

Seal rebuild kits are a big cost savings value over replacing functional swivels that have worn seals.


Each Car Wash Catalog product page lists rebuilding kits for that swivel.


Seal Rebuilding Kits are available for most Super Swivels;
Please call for a specific item.


To simplify replacement of worn seals we offer these tools:

Seal Installation Cone; you simply slide your replacement seals over the cone,
then slide them over your existing swivel. No twisting and fumbling with new seals
trying to get them over the swivel.
Swivel Rebuilding Toool

Seal Resizing Ring; after the replacement seal is in position use the ring to reshape
and size the seal when in place.

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         SuperSwivels Seal Rebuild Kit Super Swivels As Seen On You Tube
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Seal Rebuilding Kit Tools
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Seal Rebuilding Kit Instructions

Seal Rebuilding Kit Instructions © Super Swivels

Swivel Rebuilding Exploded View - Click For Instructions PDF


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