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SS 12 DB MJ 12 X MJ 12

Super Duty Swivel -  SS 12 DB MJ 12 X MJ 12

Extra Heavy Duty Swivels

Dual Bearing Race, Extra Heavy Duty Swivels - Inline
Male J.I.C. (37°) X Male J.I.C. (37°)

Extra Heavy Duty Swivels

For extreme applications Extra Heavy Duty Swivels offer a multiple bearing race design for superior side load strength and added load bearing support.

The inner and outer race for the ball bearings is integrally designed and machined within tight tolerances into the hardened metal of the male stem and female body providing a rigid track for the balls to roll freely, yet securely.

SS 12 DB MJ 12 X MJ 12

Inline Swivel

MAXIMUM P.S.I.G. 5,000

Not Available in Stainless Steel

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SS 12 DB MJ 12 X MJ 12

Item # 15067
SS 12 DB MJ 12 X MJ 12 Extra Heavy Duty Swivels™
Extra Heavy Duty Swivels

Extra Heavy Duty Swivels — Hydraulic Live Swivels

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