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90° Swivels

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Super Swivels Ninety Degree Swivels
90 Swivel

90° Swivels

Standard and High Pressure

90° Swivels rotating joints provide free rotation on one axis with a right-angle change of path. They reduce the complexity of hose lines providing for minimal friction and allowing free movement of hoses and piping. 90º Super Swivels allow for sharp corners with reduced risk of kinks and flow restriction and free rotation. Super Swivels ball bearing race design withstands heavy side loads preventing premature seal wear and leaks. Super Swivels connect directly to hose lines without adapters reducing overall costs of hydraulics. 90º Swivels sizes range from ⅛" through 2" body thread with numerous fittings and seal configurations.


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New 32 Series Size

Extra Heavy Duty Swivels For extreme applications Extra Heavy Duty Swivels offer a multiple bearing race design for superior side load strength and added load bearing support.
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Product Note: 90° 24 Series
We have modified the design on many of our 90° swivels in the 24 Series. This improved design changes the DIM B size, reduces the O.A.L. (Over All Length) by approximately 5/8ths of an inch and also reduces the weight of the swivel. The related pages have been updated on our website, catalog and PDF pages.

You may click this link to see which swivels are affected by this design change.
> 90° 24 Series Changes


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