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Product Notes:

Product Notes:

New 4 Series Size, 11/2020



New 32 Series Size, 11/2017

Male J.I.C. (37) X Female Pipe (N.P.T.F.) -  Page 15a
Male J.I.C. (37) X Female J.I.C. (37) -  Page 15b
Male Pipe (N.P.T.F.) X Male J.I.C. (37°)  - Page 18a
Male J.I.C. (37°) X Male J.I.C. (37°) -  Page 18b
90 Male J.I.C. (37) X Female Pipe (N.P.T.F.) -  Page 25b

Product Note: 90° 24 Series, 1/2016
We have modified the design on many of our 90° swivels in the 24 Series. This improved design changes the DIM B size, reduces the O.A.L. (Over All Length) by approximately 5/8ths of an inch and also reduces the weight of the swivel. The related pages have been updated on our website and downloadable PDF pages and catalog.



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